Gone are the days when braces looked all gnarly and ugly, yet people had to endure wearing them just to get their teeth fixed. Today, braces have evolved to look stylish yet functional. Besides, modern cosmetic dentistry has brought to light the likes of porcelain veneers, dental implants, teeth whiteners, teeth aligners, and the likes.

More so, modern innovations have found their way into the dentistry world to make dental care and orthodontic enhancement more accessible and even better- and more natural-looking. The following are some of the most used cosmetic dentistry services lately. 


#1: Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the wonders that modern cosmetic dentistry introduced to the world. For individuals that’d like to improve their teeth and smile confidently, porcelain veneers can be customized to fit your dentition perfectly. Most times, porcelain veneers are used to enhance dentition flaws such as malocclusion, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and more. 

In recent times porcelain veneers have improved since they first came into limelight. Now, they are built to be more durable to last longer. The ceramics used in its production are now refined to look more natural and achieve better aesthetics. They have become thinner than ever before, thus veneers require minimal filing.


#2: Dental Implants

Dental implants have significantly impacted the dentistry world. For ages, people have been using removable dentures whose functionality and aesthetics are far away from the real teeth. Before its introduction, people with missing tooth or tooth gaps had to deal with the situation without any hope of bringing their teeth to normal.

With the introduction of dental implants, it has become possible to replace missing teeth without letting the jaw bone resorb (as it happens with traditional dental bridges). Dental implants have also evolved since their debut in the 60s/70’s and now more stable, biocompatible dental implants can be used to replace the root, while traditional prosthetics like crowns, bridges, or dentures are fixed on top of them to fill the gaps between the teeth. 

Topnotch digital devices in treatment diagnostics, planning, and placing ensure perfect positioning, minimal invasion, and lifelong durability. Also, implants can be fabricated using 3D printers. This ensures that the implants are customized to ideally fit within the jaw. This restorative procedure has helped people worldwide feel more confident about their smile and overall facial appearance, plus, it has prevented numerous general health problems related to being toothless or wearing wobbly dentures.


#3: Natural-Looking Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in itself is not a new phenomenon, but the latest trend is using teeth whitening procedures to achieve natural-looking results. People no longer want overly bleached teeth that reek ‘artificial.’ The overly white teeth are known to Hollywood life and movies but people are aware of the antics involved in that scene. 

Instead of having unusually white teeth, the new trend involves people brightening their teeth, intending to achieve a natural look. Now more and more people only want to brighten the teeth a few shades and achieve natural clean looking teeth. Since teeth whitening has become a global trend, diverse options to whitening the teeth have sprung up, ranging from ‘home remedies’ to over-the-counter products down to professional dentist attention. Although they all could achieve the result of teeth whitening, the best option is to use professional teeth whitening procedures. 

You should visit your dentist to seek professional opinion on how best to get your teeth whitened before settling for any teeth whitening procedure. Besides, the best way to achieve natural-looking whitened teeth is to consult a dentist. And don’t get influenced by all the myths going around, trust only official sources.


#4: Teeth Aligners

The introduction of clear aligners for your teeth is one of the game-changing moments of orthodontic treatments. Before aligners were developed, having and keeping straight and healthy teeth was a hard thing to do. People had to use braces and tightening wires to make their teeth aligned. 

This was uncomfortable and even a tad bit painful. Also, it restricted the kind of food people could eat. Thanks to teeth aligners, this all has changed. 

The main benefits of aligners are maximum invisibility, they usually require shorter treatment periods and fewer appointments at the dentist, plus, the convenience of removing them for special occasions makes wearing them much easier. Also, aligners made it possible for people to eat whatever they want, as long as they cleaned their teeth afterward. 

Using aligners for your teeth has also evolved. Aligners are now ultra-durable than they were initially. Also, they are made to blend and look more discreet than ever when placed in your mouth. This means you can use aligners for your teeth without anyone even knowing you used them.


#5: AI and Blockchain to Better the Dental World

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also being used in the cosmetic dentistry industry to improve all things dental. For instance, one of the newest technological advancements that have impacted the dentistry world is the use of smart toothbrush coupled with a smartphone to scan the mouth. The scan analyzes the state of the teeth, gum, tongue, and other mouth-related features to see if everything is in order. It is then sent to the dentist or orthodontist for analysis. This same scan will also be used to formulate and fabricate orthodontics products and treatment procedures. 

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Revamping Your Smile Is Now Better Than Ever

Getting caught up with working, schooling, and even life itself, people tend to forget the little things. But it shouldn’t be this way. You also deserve to look your best no matter what. Are you proud of your smile, or would you rather have it fixed? Do you feel concerned about the way your face looks because of your denture? Are you suffering from a lack of confidence because of your teeth, jawline, or smile? Why not fix it? 

Take advantage of the ongoing cosmetic dentistry trends and get your facial aesthetics heightened. Invest in your smile and you’d be glad you did because having a beautiful smile adds up to having a beautiful life!